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Commercial Roof Inspections

Looking for reliable commercial roof inspections in Houston or Austin? Turn to Martin Roofing and Solar. Our experienced team specializes in inspecting multi-family, flat roofs, and industrial or metal buildings. Whether you're concerned about storm damage or routine maintenance, we provide expert assessments tailored to your needs. Martin Roofing and Solar strives to be the best commercial roofing company in Houston and Austin by specializing in multi-family, flat roof, and metal roof repairs and replacements. Schedule your complimentary inspection today and rely on Martin Roofing and Solar for thorough evaluations and trustworthy guidance on your commercial roofing concerns in Houston and Austin.

martin roofing and solar multi-family roofing company in houston and austin

Where All We Offer Commercial Roof Inspections

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And Other Surrounding Areas

And Other Surrounding Areas

Multi-Family Roof Inspections

multi-family and apartment roof inspection company in austin and houston

Martin Roofing and Solar offers comprehensive roof inspections for multi-family properties in Houston and Austin. With our extensive experience, we understand the unique challenges these structures face, whether it's leaks, storm damage, or routine maintenance. Our skilled team conducts thorough inspections to assess the condition of your multi-family roof, identifying any issues such as damaged shingles, leaks, or structural concerns. We provide honest assessments and quotes for necessary repairs or restoration, utilizing quality materials and proven techniques in an effort to be the best multi-family roofing company in Houston and Austin.


In addition to inspections, we specialize in addressing storm damage to multi-family roofs. Severe weather events can cause significant damage, compromising the integrity of your property. Our experts are trained to identify and document storm-related issues, ensuring that your photographs accurately reflect the damage incurred. We work diligently to minimize disruption to your residents and property, prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering top-notch services. If any storm damage is found, we can provide help with understanding the multi-family roof insurance claim process!


Trust Martin Roofing and Solar to safeguard your multi-family investment with thorough inspections and expert guidance in Houston and Austin. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary multi-family roof inspection and ensure the longevity and security of your multi-family roof.

Houston: 832-617-4037

Austin: 512-298-2944

The Only Commercial Roofers You'll Need

Martin Roofing and Solar stands out as the leading commercial roofing company in Houston and Austin, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in the area. With years of experience and expertise in commercial roofing, our dedicated team offers a wide range of services, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance for various commercial properties. From flat roofs to metal roofs and everything in between, we prioritize quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your commercial property receives the best care and attention it deserves. Trust Martin Roofing and Solar for all your commercial roofing needs in Houston and Austin.

Martin Roofing and Solar specializes in flat roof inspections for TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) or modified bitumen roofs in Houston and Austin. With our extensive experience and expertise in commercial roofing, we understand the unique challenges that flat roofs present and offer tailored solutions to address them. Our skilled team conducts thorough inspections to assess the condition of your TPO or modified bitumen roof, identifying any issues such as membrane cracks, punctures, or seam separations.

In addition to routine maintenance checks, we are equipped to detect and evaluate any storm damage that may have occurred, including hail impacts or wind-induced membrane damage. Storms in Houston and Austin can be severe, leading to potential roof damage that compromises the integrity of your commercial property. Our experts carefully examine your flat roof for signs of storm-related issues, ensuring that even minor damage is identified and addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration. We can aid in spelling out the commercial roof insurance claim process if storm damage is found.

We understand the importance of proactive maintenance and timely repairs to mitigate the risk of extensive damage and costly repairs down the line. By conducting comprehensive inspections, we can identify vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate measures to reinforce your flat roof's resilience against future storms. At Martin Roofing and Solar, we are committed to safeguarding your investment and providing reliable solutions that enhance the longevity and performance of your commercial roof. Contact us today for a complimentary storm damage inspection and let us ensure the durability and reliability of your flat roof in Houston and Austin.

Flat Roof Inspections

flat roof inspection company in houston and austin for industrial buildings

Metal Roof Inspections

metal roof inspection company to fix leaks in houston or austin

Martin Roofing and Solar is your trusted partner for commercial metal roof inspections in Houston and Austin. With years of experience and expertise in handling metal roofing systems, our dedicated team understands the unique characteristics and challenges associated with metal roofs. Our approach to metal roof inspections includes a thorough assessment to evaluate the condition of your roof and identify any issues that may require attention.

When it comes to storm damage, our experienced technicians are trained to detect even the most subtle signs of impact. From assessing potential leaks and identifying dents caused by hail to inspecting for corrosion exacerbated by exposure to harsh weather elements, we leave no stone unturned. We understand that storm damage can compromise the structural integrity and performance of your metal roof, which is why we prioritize thorough inspections to ensure that no underlying issues go unnoticed. If any storm damage is found, we can help you understand the metal roof insurance claim process! 

Furthermore, our comprehensive inspections include an evaluation of the roof's overall resilience to future storms. We assess the quality of the roof's installation, the integrity of its seams and fasteners, and the effectiveness of any protective coatings or finishes. By identifying potential weak points and areas of vulnerability, we can recommend proactive measures to reinforce your roof and enhance its resistance to future storm damage.

At Martin Roofing and Solar, we are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind by delivering accurate and thorough inspections that help safeguard their investments. Whether your metal roof has been recently impacted by a storm or you're looking to assess its condition as part of routine maintenance, you can rely on us to deliver reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive inspection of your commercial metal roof and ensure its continued performance and durability in Houston and Austin.

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Best Commercial Roofing Company in Houston & Austin

We are constantly aiming to be the best roofing company in Houston and Austin. Whether you're looking for a "roofer near me" or you're looking for a multi-family roof repair company, Martin Roofing and Solar is here to assist. We provide reliable roof repair services in Houston and Austin, offering complimentary roof inspections and estimates at your convenience. Our experienced team conducts honest and thorough assessments, identifying issues like missing shingles or dents, and provides cost-effective price quotes for necessary work. With expertise in roof inspections of all types, we prioritize ensuring our customers receive the best customer service possible, customizing your solution to fit your needs and budget. Our roofing systems deliver superior protection and durability, promising years of dependable performance for your home. As members of the Houston and Austin communities, we are also committed to giving back, supporting local charities and sponsoring local non-profits. With a focus on excellence and community strength, we're more than just roofers—we're builders of trust and resilience. Martin Roofing and Solar is proud to maintain glowing reviews from satisfied customers as a Google Guaranteed roofing company. Additionally, we offer flexible financing options for qualifying credit, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to securing a safe and sturdy roof. Don't let roof issues or potential leaks linger— contact Martin Roofing and Solar for expert assistance and peace of mind!

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