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A Typical Roof Replacement Day in Houston and Austin

martin roofing and solar roof replacement steps in houston and austin

Replacing a roof is a significant investment and a major undertaking for any homeowner. At Martin Roofing and Solar, we understand the importance of this task and strive to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible. Our skilled roofing team in Houston and Austin follows a meticulously planned schedule to ensure every project is completed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Here’s a glimpse into just a typical roof replacement day with us.

Day Before & Early Morning: Material Delivery and Prep

Day Before - Material Delivery

The process typically begins the day before with material delivery to the job site. Our logistics team ensures that everything arrives on time, including shingles, underlayment, drip edges, nails, and other necessary materials. This step is crucial as it sets the pace for the rest of the day. We coordinate with suppliers to ensure that all roofing materials meet our high standards of quality. If materials aren't planned to arrive the day before, they should arrive the day of by 10am.

6:30 AM - Crew Arrival and Setup

By 6:30 AM, our roofing crew arrives at the site. Our team, equipped with years of experience and the latest tools, gathers for a brief meeting to review the day's plan. Safety protocols and specific tasks for each crew member are reiterated to ensure a smooth workflow.

Tarping and Protecting the Property

7:00 AM - Tarping and Protective Measures

The first task is to protect the homeowner's property. Our team carefully places tarps over landscaping, windows, and other vulnerable areas around the house. We use plywood and other protective materials to shield the siding and any outdoor furniture. This step is vital to prevent any accidental damage from debris during the tear-off process.

Tear Off: Removing the Old Roof

7:30 AM - Shingle and Underlayment Tear Off

With the property protected, the crew begins the tear-off process. The old shingles and underlayment are removed using specialized tools to minimize dust and debris. Our team works efficiently, stripping the roof down to the deck. This stage can be noisy and messy, but it's an essential part of ensuring a solid foundation for the new roof.

10:00 AM - Deck Inspection and Repairs

Once the old roof materials are removed, our crew inspects the roof deck for any damage. Any rotten or damaged wood is replaced to ensure a stable base for the new roofing system. This thorough inspection helps prevent future issues and guarantees the longevity of the new roof.

Installing the New Roof Components

11:00 AM - Drip Edge Installation

After the deck is prepped and repaired, we install the drip edge. This metal flashing is placed along the edges of the roof to direct water away from the fascia and into the gutters. It’s a critical component in preventing water damage and maintaining the integrity of the roof structure.

11:30 AM - Ice and Water Shield

Next, we apply an ice and water shield, a self-adhering membrane that provides extra protection against water infiltration. This is especially important in vulnerable areas like valleys, eaves, and around roof penetrations such as chimneys and vents. In Houston and Austin, where weather can be unpredictable, this layer offers an added safeguard against leaks.

12:00 PM - Synthetic Underlayment

Following the ice and water shield, we roll out a synthetic underlayment over the entire roof deck. This modern material offers superior durability and resistance to tearing compared to traditional felt paper. It acts as a secondary barrier against moisture and adds an extra layer of protection for the roof.

The Shingling Process

12:30 PM - Starter Strip Application

After the underlayment is in place, the crew installs a starter strip along the roof edges. The starter strip ensures that the first row of shingles adheres properly and is aligned correctly. This step is crucial for the overall appearance and performance of the roof.

1:15 PM - Shingle Installation

With the starter strip in place, the crew begins laying the shingles. At Martin Roofing and Solar, we use a 6-nail installation system to ensure maximum hold and resistance against wind uplift. Each shingle is carefully aligned and nailed to create a watertight seal. This method not only enhances the durability of the roof but also meets the highest industry standards.

5:30 PM - Ridge Vents and Finishing Touches

Once the main body of the roof is shingled, the team installs ridge vents along the roof peaks. These vents are essential for proper attic ventilation, helping to regulate temperature and prevent moisture buildup. After the ridge vents are in place, the final rows of shingles are laid, and the roof is given a thorough inspection.

Cleanup and Final Inspection

6:00 PM - Cleanup

With the roof installation complete, our crew meticulously cleans up the job site. All debris is collected and disposed of properly, and the tarps are carefully removed. We use magnets to pick up any stray nails, ensuring the area is safe and clean for the homeowners.

6:30 PM - Final Inspection

The day concludes with a final inspection conducted by the project manager that has been on site every step of the way. Every aspect of the roof is checked to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. We also review the roofing work with the homeowner, addressing any questions or concerns they might have.

A New Roof with Peace of Mind

By the end of the day, the homeowners have a brand-new roof replacement installed with precision and care. At Martin Roofing and Solar, we take pride in our work and the satisfaction of our customers. From the initial material delivery to the final inspection, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free roof replacement experience. Whether you’re in Houston or Austin, you can trust Martin Roofing and Solar to deliver top-notch roofing solutions that stand the test of time. We strive to be the best roofing company in Houston and Austin!

martin roofing and solar typical roof replacement steps and day houston and austin roofing contractor

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