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The Roof Insurance Claims Process

  • Getting Your Roof Inspected
    After a storm, reach out to Martin Roofing & Solar in Houston or Austin for a complimentary roof inspection. Our expert team will assess any damage and provide guidance on next steps.
  • Contact Insurance Company & Schedule Them To Come Out
    If there is sufficient storm damage to file a claim, you'll contact your insurance company and initiate a claim on your roof. The adjuster working for your insurance company should be notified and will help schedule a time for the insurance company to come out and take a look free of charge. Just let Martin Roofing & Solar when you find out when that is.
  • Meeting With Insurance Adjuster
    The insurance adjuster should reach out to you within a day or two to set up a meeting time. Once that time is set, contact Martin Roofing and Solar to let us know when that is.
  • Insurance Sends Documents
    The insurance company can send documents as soon as same day or as long as two weeks after the adjuster meeting. You should receive paperwork from your insurance company detailing the payouts, deductible, and estimated depreciation amount. Once you’ve received this paperwork, contact Martin Roofing and Solar. Once this is done we’ll set up a time to get started on your roof replacement!
  • Material & Color Selection
    Now for the fun part! We will walk you through the endless options and colors to choose from while providing recommendations on the most popular selections. We will have you authorize the agreement, collect your deductible and sometimes the first insurance check (if it has already arrived), and plan a date to get your roof replaced!
  • Roof Replacement
    Experience the excitement of roof replacement day with Martin Roofing & Solar! Our skilled team ensures a smooth and swift process from start to finish, leaving you with a beautiful and durable new roof. We will collect the first insurance check at the end of the build day if it has arrived!
  • File for Depreciation - and Supplement (as needed)
    After the replacement is completed, Martin Roofing and Solar will then send your accurate final invoice as well as proof of completion to your insurance company to release the recoverable depreciation and any supplemental amounts.
  • Final Payment & Roof Replacement Complete
    Upon receiving your recoverable depreciation and any supplemental amounts (if applicable) from your insurance company, contact Martin Roofing and Solar to schedule a time to collect your final payment. We will review all final paperwork and ensure that you are happy with your new roof (as we hope you leave us a review)!

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And Other Surrounding Areas

And Other Surrounding Areas

Example Of Roof Insurance Claim

texas roof insurance claim example

As an example:
-Your home is insured for $300,000 and has a roof totaled from a Texas hail storm.

-The cost to replace the roof (Replacement Cost Value) is $19,000.

-Let’s say the roof is 10 years old (25% depreciated if expect a 40 year roof life)

-The policy owner’s deductible is 1% of the insured amount ($3,000).

RCV Policy:


Total Replacement Cost: $19,000

Deductible: - $3,000

ACV: $12,000

Recoverable Depreciation: $4,000

Total Payout From Insurance: $16,000

(ACV + Recoverable Depreciation)

Your entire out of pocket expense for a brand new roof in this example would be just your $3,000 deductible

ACV Policy:


Total Replacement Cost: $19,000

Deductible: -$3,000

ACV: $12,000

Non-Recoverable Depreciation: -$4,000

Total Payout From Insurance: $12,000

(Replacement Cost-Deductible-Depreciation)

While RCV policies are the more common policy, this is why you want to ensure you have a RVC policy if you'd like to be better covered from events like hail or strong storms. The total out of pocket expense in this example would be $7,000

Roof Insurance Claim Terminology

hail storm roof insurance claim austin

This is what hail damage looks like on a shingle roof

should i file an insurance claim for missing shingles houston

Wind damage that ripped shingles off the roof


Deductible – An insurance deductible refers to the predetermined amount of money an insured individual must pay out of pocket before their insurance provider starts to cover the costs of a claim. If your deductible is $500 and the value of your claim damage is $7000, then the amount the insurance company will pay in this instance is $6500.

Replacement Cost Value or "RCV" - Replacement cost value in insurance refers to the amount of money necessary to replace or repair damaged property with materials of like kind and quality, without deducting for depreciation. This coverage typically ensures that the policyholder receives adequate compensation to fully restore their property to its pre-loss condition.

Depreciation - Depreciation refers to the decline in value of your roof over time due to factors like wear, aging, and deterioration. For instance, if your roof has been in place for 10 years out of a 40-year expected life span, the depreciation would be calculated at 25%.

Actual Cash Value or "ACV" - The cost to replace with new property of like kind and quality, minus any realized depreciation. The settlement amount will be that # minus your deductible. 

Recoverable Depreciation - The portion of the depreciated value that can be reimbursed by your insurance provider on the back end after the work is completed under a policy with replacement cost coverage. Typically, such claims are settled by the insurer in two installments (ACV & then after work is completed Recoverable Depreciation).


Click here to read more about what roof storm damagentails​.

Worried About Out Of Pocket Costs? 
We Offer Financing!

At Martin Roofing and Solar, we understand that a roof replacement in Houston and Austin can be significant investments for homeowners. That's why we offer tailored financing solutions to make the process more manageable and affordable. Our flexible options come with transparent terms, competitive rates, and a streamlined application process, ensuring that you can access high-quality roofing services without financial stress. With fixed monthly payments, convenient online access, and expert guidance from our team, financing your roof replacement has never been easier in Houston or Austin. Trust Martin Roofing and Solar to provide the support you need to invest in the protection and longevity of your home.

hail storm roof insurance claim austin martin roofing and solar

Do NOT Allow Your Contractor to “Pay the Deductible”

Homeowners occasionally run into contractors who offer to cover their deductible in order to win the job. While this seems like a great deal you’d want to jump at, it’s also too good to be true because it’s actually illegal – more specifically, it’s insurance fraud that’s punishable by both a felony and fines for both the contractor and the homeowner.

This "sales tactic" is a major problem. If another contractor is telling you they can just outright waive your deductible, they’re committing insurance fraud (HB2102 Texas law) and they may unfortunately be having you do the same unknowingly. If they are caught, you can imagine how much the warranty they offered you will be worth, on top of who knows what other corners they may be cutting when installing your roof. Find a trustworthy roofer that does things the right way!

Will Filing An Insurance Claim For Storm Damage Raise My Rates?

Under Texas law, insurance companies are prohibited from increasing rates or imposing penalties for events classified as "Acts of God." (such as hail or wind damage). Therefore, a homeowner should not have any fear when filing a claim for storm damage. This is why you pay premiums in the first place! A new roof should actually lower your premiums!

What Will It Cost To Have My Insurance Come Out & Take A Look?

Having a roof inspection done doesn't cost anything, and it's an essential step in ensuring your home's protection. At Martin Roofing and Solar, we offer complimentary roof inspections to assess any potential damage, including storm-related issues. If damage is found, you can schedule a time for your insurance company to come out and assess your roof free of charge. Don't wait until problems escalate—schedule your free roof inspection today and take proactive steps to safeguard your home.

If I Get A Quote For Cheaper Than Insurance, Can I Keep The Difference?

No, if you have a RCV policy and are trying to recover depreciation, your insurance will ask whatever company replaced your roof for both proof of completion and a final invoice. If the roofing company's invoice is cheaper than the insurance company's scope of work, they will just send the corresponding amount less in the recoverable depreciation. You may risk getting a lesser quality cheap roof just to save your insurance some money if you attempt this. If a roofing company offers to send your insurance a false final invoice, this is once again a clear infraction of Texas law HB2101 and insurance fraud punishable by both a felony and fines for both the policy holder and the contractor. 

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Understanding Replacement Cost Value "RVC" VS. Actual Cash Value "ACV" Insurance Policies

RCV VS ACV Policy for roof insurance claim in houston or austin

In response to recent severe weather incidents, such as the significant hailstorms witnessed in Texas last year, insurance companies have adjusted their policies in areas like Houston and Austin. Some insurers now lean towards providing Actual Cash Value (ACV) rather than Replacement Cost Value (RCV) in their new policies. ACV coverage factors in the present value of your roof during the claim, considering its age and condition, which may fall short of covering full replacement expenses.

On the contrary, RCV coverage disregards depreciation and covers the entire cost of replacement following a covered event. Although RCV typically comes with a higher premium, it ensures you won't face additional expenses beyond your deductible in case of damage. However, for those in Houston and Austin with older roofs, an ACV policy might not suffice for a full roof replacement, highlighting the importance of securing RCV coverage for comprehensive protection.


Best Storm Damage Roofing Company in Houston & Austin

We are constantly aiming to be the best roofing company in Houston and Austin. Whether your roof has sprung a leak or you'd like help with the insurance process after a hail storm, Martin Roofing and Solar is here to assist. We provide reliable roof repair services in Houston and Austin, offering complimentary roof inspections and estimates at your convenience. Our experienced team conducts honest and thorough assessments, identifying issues like missing shingles or dents, and provides cost-effective price quotes for necessary work. With expertise in storm damage roof replacements, we prioritize ensuring our customers receive the best customer service possible, customizing your solution to fit your needs and budget. Our roofing systems deliver superior protection and durability, promising years of dependable performance for your home. As members of the Houston and Austin communities, we are also committed to giving back, supporting local charities and sponsoring local non-profits. With a focus on excellence and community strength, we're more than just roofers—we're builders of trust and resilience. Martin Roofing and Solar is proud to maintain glowing reviews from satisfied customers as a Google Guaranteed roofing company. Additionally, we offer flexible financing options for qualifying credit, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to securing a safe and sturdy roof. Don't let roof issues or potential leaks linger— contact Martin Roofing and Solar for expert assistance and peace of mind!

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