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Top Tips for Choosing a Roofer After A Hailstorm

Updated: Feb 19

steps of rebuilding a roof in Austin Texas

How Much Do They Charge? / Should I Get Multiple Bids?

- No, picking a roofer after a hailstorm or any big weather event is a lot like picking a doctor/surgeon. You should go with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. If you're going through your home insurance, it’s very similar to medical insurance where no matter who you go with, you just have to pay the same “co-pay”. If you just had to pay the same co-pay no matter what doctor you went with, you likely wouldn’t go find the cheapest surgeon in town just save your insurance money now, would you? Selecting a roofer is very similar. However, if another contractor is telling you they can just outright waive your deductible, they’re committing insurance fraud (HB2102 Texas law) and they may unfortunately be having you do the same unknowingly. This is a crime for both the contractor and the insured punishable with up to 180 days in jail and a large fine! While there are a few creative ways we may be able to legally help you with your deductible, you should go with someone who does things the right way and you can trust to not cut corners!

Are they Local? / How are their reviews? / Are they Reputable?

- After a big hailstorm, unfortunately lots of companies from all over the state and even

from neighboring states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and others drive down to try to quickly convince you to go with them only to give you terrible customer service down the road. How can you expect them to be able to swing by to show you all the shingle colors for you to pick from? How would they even manage whatever random crew they decide to sub the job out to from out of town? Being local allows us to provide you the best customer service that’s readily available and able to best serve you! We currently have offices and branches coving the greater Houston, Austin, and Waco areas that will be there to ensure you're well taken care of. We are currently a 5-star rated company on google and have plenty of examples of our work on all our social medias & our website.

What Type of Quality Products Do They Use? / What Warranties Do They Offer?

- You should ask whoever may be in the running to earn your business what type/brand of

products they use and what corresponding warranty they offer. We upgrade, free of charge, all of our

homeowners to an architectural CertainTeed roof system. It’s the top tier best quality brand and one of the thickest shingles on the market, better protecting your home! We are therefore confident enough to

offer a 40-year manufacturer warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty on our roof replacements!

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service possible! Please feel free to reach out to us

with any questions you may have. We offer FREE INSPECTIONS and want to earn your business!

Houston Office: 832.617.4037

Austin/San Antonio Office: 512.298.2944

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