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Hailstorm and Tornado Hit New Caney, Onalaska, and Livingston: Martin Roofing and Solar Offers Support

Updated: May 13

hail and tornado livingston, new caney, shepherd, clevelend, and pointe blank

A band of severe weather events rolled through just north of Houston this morning, including a hailstorm and tornado. There were reports of two confirmed tornados (one in Richards and one near Onalaska/Livingston area) and widespread strong wind gusts. The hail was even more widespread covering areas that include: New Caney, Onalaska, Livingston, Shepherd, Conroe, Williams, Blanchard, Point Blank, Cleveland, Tarkington and others. In response, Martin Roofing and Solar is extending assistance with free roof inspections, experienced residential insurance roofing, and tailored solutions for commercial or multi-family apartments.

The Impact of the Severe Weather: Just this morning residents experienced the aftermath of a devastating hailstorm and tornado that swept through the region, resulting in various degrees of roof damage. Martin Roofing and Solar acknowledges the challenges faced by property owners dealing with the aftermath of this dual natural disaster. Click here to see how hail damages a shingle roof.

Free Roof Inspections: Understanding the urgency, Martin Roofing and Solar is offering free roof inspections to homeowners and property managers affected by the severe weather. These inspections aim to provide a clear assessment of damages and guide the next steps for necessary repairs, or any steps needed for the insurance process.

Navigating the Insurance Process: Martin Roofing and Solar is providing support to homeowners and property managers in navigating the insurance process. The company actively assists in documenting damages and facilitating communication with insurance providers, aiming to streamline the claims process. Contact us today to get this started and see if we can get you a new roof covered by insurance!

Preventive Measures for Future Severe Weather: In addition to addressing current damages, Martin Roofing and Solar is committed to educating the community on preventive measures for future severe weather events. This includes suggestions on impact-resistant materials, reinforcing vulnerable areas, and implementing maintenance practices to enhance overall roof resilience.

Flat Roof Repair Expertise: With a focus on addressing flat roof concerns exacerbated by the severe weather, Martin Roofing and Solar brings its expertise in flat roof repair to the entire Houston area. Their team is well-equipped to handle issues ranging from membrane damage to compromised waterproofing, ensuring a swift and efficient resolution.

Specialized Solutions for Commercial & Multi-Family Roofing: Commercial properties, particularly multi-family complexes, faced unique challenges during the severe weather event. Martin Roofing and Solar, experienced in commercial roofing, offers tailored solutions to address specific needs. From immediate repairs to comprehensive replacements, their team understands the importance of minimizing disruptions.

As the community in New Caney, Onalaska, Shepherd, Cleveland, and Livingston grapples with the aftermath of the recent severe weather, Martin Roofing and Solar is here to provide practical support. With free roof inspections, residential insurance roofing expertise, and specialized solutions for commercial and multi-family roofing, the company aims to make the recovery process smoother for property owners.

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