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Hurricane-Force Winds Cause Widespread Damage across Houston

roof shingle torn off roof after Houston storm caused storm damage in Timbergrove

This past Thursday, powerful storms with hurricane-force winds reaching nearly 120 mph tore through Cypress, Timbergrove, and The Heights. The violent winds uprooted trees, sent branches crashing down, and caused severe damage to homes. In many neighborhoods, entire trees fell onto houses, and the force of the wind created havoc on roofs.

The Impact of 100+ mph Winds on Roofing

Winds exceeding 100 mph can wreak havoc on roofs, not only by ripping shingles off but also by creasing and damaging shingles that remain attached. The sheer force of these winds can cause shingles to lift or tear, leaving the underlying structures exposed to potential water damage and further deterioration. Homes in areas like Cypress, Timbergrove and The Heights, abundant with trees, experienced significant damage from falling branches and trees crashing onto roofs, leading to punctures and holes.

If you notice missing shingles, torn shingles, or find shingles scattered on the ground, it's crucial to reach out to us as soon as possible. Wind damage to shingle roofs can take various forms. Once these roofing materials or shingles are loosened or removed, the roof's underlying structure becomes vulnerable to rain, hail, and other environmental factors. Additionally, wind can worsen existing cracks or shingle tears in the roof, further jeopardizing its integrity. In severe cases, entire strips of shingles on the roof can be torn off, especially in severe storms like we just experienced. 3 Tab shingles are usually only rated to even be able to sustain winds up to 60 mph, which we far exceeded! Moreover, continuous exposure to strong winds can gradually loosen fasteners like nails and screws, destabilizing the roof over time and increasing the risk of shingle detachment or future roof leaks.

Emergency Tarping and Roof Repairs Across Houston

If your home has suffered roof storm damage, prompt action is essential to prevent further water damage. Martin Roofing and Solar offers emergency tarping services to cover any holes in your roof and halt leaks before they worsen. Our rapid response team is prepared to provide immediate repairs to secure your home until permanent solutions can be implemented. Addressing wind roof damage swiftly can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems, safeguarding the safety and integrity of your home.

Roof Repair and Insurance Coverage

Following a destructive storm, navigating insurance claims for roofs and other items can be overwhelming. If your home has sustained roof damage from the recent storm, you may qualify for insurance coverage for a new roof. At Martin Roofing and Solar, we specialize in assisting homeowners with the insurance claims process to ensure that storm damage receives proper attention. We recognize the urgency of restoring your home and shielding it from future weather events. Call today for your FREE INSPECTION to see if you even have enough storm damage to consider an insurance claim for your roof.

Helping Our Neighbors in Houston With Roofing Needs

As a local Houston business, Martin Roofing and Solar is dedicated to providing superior roofing solutions. As a Timbergrove resident myself, I empathize with the challenges our community faced during this severe weather event. The attached photos captured in Timbergrove illustrate the extent of the damage and emphasize the immediate need for professional roofing services. We take pride in aiding our neighbors in recovery and reconstruction after such devastating storms. Our local presence ensures swift and efficient responses to roofing emergencies throughout the entire affected Houston area from Cypress to Timbergrove and The Heights.

Why Choose Martin Roofing and Solar?

Selecting a local roofing company "near me" like Martin Roofing and Solar means choosing a team that not only possesses expertise but also holds a personal stake in the community. We stand committed to assisting our neighbors during challenging times, delivering comprehensive roofing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of Houston residents. From emergency repairs and tarping to complete roof replacements, we strive to provide reassurance and ensure your home's safety and security. Our dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction distinguishes us in the industry.

For dependable and expert roofing services, reach out to Martin Roofing and Solar. Let us assist you in restoring your home and fortifying it against future storms. Don't delay addressing storm damage—contact us today, and we'll handle the rest. Our team is poised to deliver the high-quality service you deserve, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary in any weather condition. We strive to be the best roofing company in Houston!

best roofing company near Timbergrove or The Heights in Houston

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